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Chiropractic Adjustment - helps normalize spinal function, restores the body’s natural healing and helps return bones to its normal position by manual manipulation


Physical Therapy (PT, Physiotherapy) – remediates impairments and promotes mobility and bodily functions


Electrical Muscle Stimulation - reduces muscle spasms, increases circulation, and promotes healing and strengthening of muscles


Ultrasound Therapy – helps heal injured or malfunctioning tissue through high frequency sound waves


Trigger Point Therapy – helps acute and chronic conditions within small areas of localized pain and sensitivity found in muscles and connective tissues


Hydrocollator Hot Packs – increases blood flow and produces a relaxing, soothing effect on body and local area, decreases pulse rate, blood pressure, muscle spasms, and respiration


Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy) – reduces pain, inflammation, swelling, and calms irritated nerve roots by constricting blood vessels in local area


New Patient Forms

Personal Injury Forms

For new medical insured and self-pay patients.

For motor vehicle accident, work injury or patients involved in personal injury cases.

Assignment Forms

Insurer and Patient Please.

Read Carefully!

Please print and fill out these forms, then e-mail, fax, or bring them to your office visit.

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