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Chiropractic Adjustment - helps normalize spinal function, restores the body’s natural healing and helps return bones to its normal position by manual manipulation


Physical Therapy (PT, Physiotherapy) – remediates impairments and promotes mobility and bodily functions


Electrical Muscle Stimulation - reduces muscle spasms, increases circulation, and promotes healing and strengthening of muscles


Massage Therapy – enhances relaxation, health, well-being, and aids in recovery and range of motion through manual manipulation of soft body tissues


Neuromuscular Rehab – maximizes your neurological system (brain, nerves, and spinal cord), muscular function, and helps emotional and behavioral changes that you may experience


Ultrasound Therapy – helps heal injured or malfunctioning tissue through high frequency sound waves


Trigger Point Therapy – helps acute and chronic conditions within small areas of localized pain and sensitivity found in muscles and connective tissues


Hydrocollator Hot Packs – increases blood flow and produces a relaxing, soothing effect on body and local area, decreases pulse rate, blood pressure, muscle spasms, and respiration


Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy) – reduces pain, inflammation, swelling, and calms irritated nerve roots by constricting blood vessels in local area


New Patient Forms

For new medical insured and self-pay patients.

Personal Injury Forms

For motor vehicle accident, work injury or patients involved in personal injury cases.

Please print and fill out these forms, then e-mail, fax, or bring them to your office visit.

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