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South Florida and Hollywood Florida Chiropractor
South Florida and Hollywood Florida Chiropractor

Dr. Russell Elba

Hi neighbors,

Have you been suffering for years with pain that has stopped you from doing the things in life that you used to enjoy doing? The fun things that made you smile and your life worth living?  Is it difficult sometimes getting through your day and completing your normal daily activities because of that pain? Do you wake up with pain most days or go to sleep in pain or both?  Are you living on over the counter or prescribed medication? Have you been to a few doctors but you’re still in the same situation.  Are you starting to believe that you are stuck with bad health or have your doctors told you that you are? Is your health enough of a priority to you to spend the next 6-12 months getting it back and investing the money  required to do so?  I have been practicing chiropractic in Hollywood for over 30 years now and a lot of my referrals come from medical doctors in my area.  If you have had enough and are not willing to settle for how you have been feeling for so long call me and we will sit down to see if I can help you. 954-961-2245 Dr. Russell Elba, 4050 Sheridan Street, Suite C, Hollywood FL  33021

~ Dr. Russell Elba

Dr. Russell Elba has been in practice for over 30 yrs in Hollywood, FL.  The graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA, strongly believes in the importance of chiropractic care as a natural approach to maintaining good health, prevention of disease, and has successfully cared for patients with sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, headaches, chronic ear infections, asthma, bed-wetting problems and is devoted to helping people improve their health and productivity.


The Bad News:

In today’s health care economy your health insurance will contribute very little towards the care you need.


The Better News:

We have payment plans that make care affordable for most of our patients.



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4050 Sheridan Street, Suite C

Hollywood FL  33021


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